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Individuals and Organization: Pursuit of an ethical journey!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Our beautiful world is becoming more and more complex. An individual and an organisation are thrown into a hot pot of uncertainties every day. Wish it was a hotpot of gold! But not to be. These uncertainties are testing our patience and there seems to be no end in sight. Being ethical seems to be last thing that everyone of us want to hear.

If we rewind 50 years ago and do a statistics of persons or organisation which have stood over time and made an indelible mark in this world and in our era, how many can we count? I struggle to go beyond three. Sadly, in reality too, there were really very few, who crossed the line! Those select few just displayed their exemplary ethical characteristics day in and day out, created an ethical environment around them, worked diligently and eventually the world recognized them as a role model and trendsetter.

As an individual, we need to do whatever it takes to be seen as an ethical person by demonstrating resilience where required.

As an organisation, following ethics should the norm and not optional. The spirit of ethics should permeate across the length and breadth of organisation. The organisation should demonstrate how to conduct business ethically and be ready to respond to any queries raised by their stakeholders on ethics management (including their own employees). In all occasions, they should emphasize a point that "We are an ethical company and we are competitive and profitable too"

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vishal kumar
vishal kumar
Dec 03, 2019

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