Shahredza Fahmi Amir,
Head, ICP Audit,
Audit & Compliance Dept, 

Technology Depository Agency Berhad

ABMS Consulting displayed a tremendous level of professionalism , experience, dedication and commitment in delivering their services and responsibilities.  The trainer, Ashok Sarangapani  hard work, efforts and talents.  Real life case studies from regional and global industries by Ashok also were crucial and key to our success to complete and passing ISO 37001 Lead Auditor examination.  

On behalf of the audit and compliance department, we  thank ABMS Consulting for the excellent services  and commitment in delivering the training and best of luck in your future endeavors.

Muhammad Syukran Suria
Auditor, ICP Audit,
Audit & Compliance Dept

Technology Depository Agency Berhad

I am very pleased and satisfied in getting trained from ABMS Consulting.  I appreciate Ashok's thoughtfulness in crafting the presentation and thoroughness in delivering helpful advice throughout the 5 day training  sessions.  I also want to thank  ABMS Consulting in their approachability and willingness to communicate with us before and after the training sessions. 

Ho Ega Hosan,
Head of Compliance,

Centratama Group, Indonesia

I had my PECB Certified ISO 37001 Lead Implementer Training with ABMS Consulting, with Ashok as the instructor. The training session not only focuses on the ISO standard but beyond it. The brainstorming related to the opportunities, challenges in the actual implementation of anti-bribery controls in an organization really helped me to optimize the implementation of the Anti Bribery Management System.

C H Pang
General Counsel,
Asia Pacific 
Egis Asia Pacific Holding Limited, Hong Kong

I attended the ISO 37001 Lead Implementer Training conducted by Mr Ashok Sarangapani  between July and August 2020. He was pleasant to deal with and would not hesitate to provide detailed guidance in various aspects of the course. I have recommended him to practitioners in ethics and compliance and would continue to warmly recommend him to anyone who is interested in this specialised area of practice. 

Nazrin Hanif, Malaysia
Senior Manager Compliance


Nazrin Hanif, Malaysia,

Senior Manager Compliance

Ashok has a wealth of knowledge and experience relating to Anti-Bribery Management System (“ABMS”) which he had trained and helped our organisation a lot in our preparation for the ISO 37001 ABMS certification. He is readily there to guide and answer our queries and assist us when it was needed.